Who Comes to See You?

Everyone open to lifelong learning, meaningful exploration, and continued growth. My clients are interested in stepping into their power by taking deep self-responsibility for their own healing. They are aware that we all have blind spots and that we need each other in order to see more clearly and move forward in our lives. They realize that we have all experienced some form of trauma, and they have a desire to heal it rather than let it define them. They are looking to be the authors of their own story and are willing to feel all of their feelings. They do this work so they can live more fully and freely.


How Do You Work?


I have created a healing practice where you can have fun, laugh, cry, learn, play, stretch, question, explore, struggle, meditate, hate, create, surrender, awaken, change, scream, sing, dance, feel, hug, delight, rage, grieve, experiment, honor, release, heal, wonder, love, grow, and... breathe!

You can practice stepping into your power, feeling your fire, exploring your passion, trusting your intuition, embracing your gifts, and being authentically you.

I use Radical Aliveness principles, Core Energetics techniques, and intuitive healing in conjunction with more traditional therapeutic approaches in order to meet each client’s individual needs.

What are Radical Aliveness and Core Energetics?


Radical Aliveness and Core Energetics both take a somatic, body-based approach to holistic healing. They take into account the connections between mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

Core Energetics is a body-based psychotherapy which uses movement, breath, and voice to unblock and release old patterns that are no longer useful. Core Energetics can help you become more fully present and embodied. It fosters deeper connection to self and others. These techniques promote reconnection to your core essence, your gifts, and your innate capacity for love.

Radical Aliveness takes this healing a step further by focusing on how each person can bring their gifts and their powerful leadership out into the world. It is an active process involving the whole body. Radical Aliveness allows for complexity and acknowledges our interconnectedness and our responsibility for the whole. It encourages presence, aliveness, authenticity, and spontaneity. Radical Aliveness makes room for change and new possibilities.

What is Intuitive Healing?



Intuitive healing clears energetic blocks by tapping into the wisdom of the body. Intuitive healing facilitates emotional release and healing on a deep plane.

What is Trauma?


Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in life. Trauma is anything that is overwhelming or shocking to the nervous system and may have long lasting effects. Trauma may include chronic pain, emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse, painful life transitions including death and divorce, postpartum depression, drug use, surgery, accidents, injuries, emotional or physical shock, suppressed anger, rage, sadness, and grief. If not addressed, trauma can turn into energetic blocks that may manifest in the emotional and physical body of the client.

What Happens in a Typical Session?


We begin by identifying your intention for the session and any specific areas you want to focus on for healing.

We may use experiential exercises, guided breathwork, visualizations, vocalizations, movement, or artistic expression to bring about emotional release and facilitate growth. By engaging the physical body, the mind often gains new insights into old patterns. We can explore these outdated patterns and limiting beliefs which may be holding you back from the full expression of yourself.

These insights allow for the possibility of experimenting and practicing new ways of approaching the stuck areas of your life.

In other sessions, you may assume a more passive role and receive healing or energy work. You may lie down in a comfortable place while I connect with your energy. This energy work can integrate the active work from a session or can be performed independently in the healing process.

Each session is unique to the individual and is dictated by your specific needs in that particular moment. New insights, discharged energy, and fresh possibilities can relieve suffering and lead to empowerment and increased aliveness.



Benefits include:

  • enhancing personal growth and transformation
  • stepping into your power
  • owning your gifts
  • increasing intimacy in relationships
  • accepting greater self responsibility
  • awakening of body, mind, and spirit
  • honoring and exploring your true self
  • releasing blocks that sabotage your life
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  • restoring balance and harmony to the body
  • increasing a sense of groundedness
  • balancing of chakras
  • exploring the full potential of your life
  • building confidence
  • decreasing anxiety and depression
  • rediscovering your sexuality
  • finding your mission and purpose in life
  • increasing your sense of passion and aliveness

What Type of Healing Do You Do?


In addition to Core Energetics techniques and Radical Aliveness principles, I use a vast array of healing modalities including traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, hands on movement of energy and release of deep emotional blocks, Bloodline or Ancestral Healing, guided imagery, art, mindfulness, breathwork, vocalizations, soundwave healing, and movement.

Through my decades of experience and my intuitive gifts, I draw from all of these modalities to facilitate a deep and meaningful session that meets the needs of each unique client.

What is Soundwave Healing?


Soundwave healing intentionally applies soundwaves to the body using tuning forks both over and directly on the body to promote deep relaxation and integration. It allows the body to experience and tune in to a healthy resonance. Clients may experience decreased feelings of anxiety and stress and increased feelings of calm, balance, and harmony. Everyone agrees that soundwave healing is a truly delicious experience!


  • life transitions
  • intimacy
  • emotional courage
  • creating healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • stepping out of unhealthy family patterns
  • releasing suppressed anger, rage, sadness, and grief
  • creating clear and sound boundaries



  • sexuality and desire
  • loneliness
  • death
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • emotional issues linked to infertility
  • anxiety that expresses itself on a body level such as crohns, colitis, IBS, tightness in the chest, migraines
  • history of emotional, mental, physical, and sexual abuse
  • finding or re-defining one’s life purpose
  • body image issues
  • resolving issues related to post traumatic stress
  • personal growth
  • self-esteem
  • self love and acceptance


What Type of Sessions Do You Do?

I am available for individuals, couples, family, and group sessions. I also offer workshops throughout the year. To be notified about workshops and groups, please join my mailing list.

How Do You Work with Couples?


No matter how long we have been with our partner, there is still more to learn about them and about ourselves. Instead of repeating the same fight over and over again, I believe a couple can use their conflict to grow and foster rich connection and profound intimacy. By practicing deep listening, self-responsibility, and compassion with a non-shaming heart, couples can strengthen their bond and discover healthier ways of interacting and embracing the unknown mysteries that life brings.

I use a body-based, emotionally focused approach to help clients uncover old, destructive patterns and begin to co-create new ways of compassionately moving forward together. Each member of the couple can learn to express conflict in a healthy way. This provides more safety for each person to take risks, foster creativity, and nurture spontaneity and playfulness in the relationship. This can offer the possibility of a more vibrant expression of passion, sexuality, and aliveness.

What Other Services Do You Provide?

Personal Retreats: An intensive experience designed around your specific healing goals, personal retreats allow for a deep dive and an accelerated, focused process. Clients value the spaciousness of several uninterrupted hours per day, which give an opportunity for experimentation and wrestling with life challenges that need more time to unfold. Clients have time to become clear about old patterns that may have held them back and practice new ways of approaching their lives. There is time for discovery and integration.

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Marriage Preparation: This is an opportunity to review what brought the two of you together, what your biggest strengths are as a couple, and what your biggest challenges may be. We create space for you to begin to dream together about the hopes you have for your relationship and how you would like to co-create the next chapter of your life together.


Intentional Separation: There may be times when a couple knows that they are ending their relationship. We can work together to respectfully say goodbye to that chapter of the relationship. We can honor the past and thank each other for what was. With healthy closure, the couple then has the opportunity to gracefully co-create what their connection may look like in the future.


Parent and Adult-Child Sessions: It is so easy to get stuck in old, ingrained family dynamics. And it is so challenging to break out of roles and behaviors that may have been passed down for generations. Sessions with a parent and their adult-child create space to uncover unconscious patterns that keep us locked into outdated and inauthentic ways of relating. Through this work, we create an opportunity for each to see the other as a person with their own hopes, dreams, wounds, and vulnerabilities. This enables us to make conscious decisions about the adult relationship we would like to co-create with one another. Old wounds can be healed to make room for new possibilities.


I work with clients to design healing experiences which meet their specific, personal needs. I am happy to design one for you.

How Do I Get in Touch with You?


To set up an appointment, ask any questions, or speak with me directly, call me at (310) 820-8982.