Jessica Gelson, MFT

Psychotherapy, Healing
and Personal Growth

I am a healer, a therapist, and a guide. I will encourage you, challenge you, teach you, cheer for you, cry with you, and believe in you.

With an open heart and unwavering integrity, I hold a safe and steady space for you to explore and discover. I make room for you to learn and grow and reclaim all of you. This is an opportunity to be messy and make mistakes, to feel everything, and to connect with your gifts and your intuition. This is a chance to be fully you.

I welcome all of you. The parts that are beautiful and delicate. The parts that are angry and loud. The parts that have been hidden away for many years. The parts that are sad and grieving and heartbroken. The parts that are filled with fear. The tender parts that have been hurt, shamed, ignored, and betrayed. The parts that are ready to be whole and the parts that are ready to love.


I embrace your curiosity to discover who you want to be in this lifetime and how you want to express yourself through the choices you make. I applaud your courage to examine your choices and how they impact you, your relationships, your family, your work, your community, and the world.

Take a risk. Step out of your comfort zone. Allow yourself to courageously feel everything. This is the work that allows us to grow and be brave. To show up all the way. This work makes room for us to sing and dance and love and connect. And to be fully ALIVE.