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How do you work?


I have created a healing space where you can have fun, laugh, cry, learn, play, stretch, question, explore, struggle, meditate, hate, create, surrender, awaken, change, scream, sing, dance, feel, hug, delight, rage, grieve, experiment, honor, release, heal, wonder, love, grow, and… breathe!

This is a space where you can practice stepping into your power, feel your fire, explore your passion, trust your intuition, embrace your gifts, and be authentically you.

I use Core Energetics and Intuitive Healing in conjunction with more traditional therapeutic approaches in order to meet each client’s individual needs.


What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics is a body-based psychotherapy, which uses movement, breathing, and voice to unblock and release old patterns that are no longer useful, increase feelings of confidence, and help you become more fully present. It promotes reconnection to your essence or core, your gifts, and your innate capacity for love.


Core Energetics

What is Intuitive Healing?

Intuitive Healing taps into the ever-present wisdom of the body to clear energetic blocks thereby facilitating emotional release and healing on a very deep plane.

I work with people at all stages of the healing process from those going through a gentle transition to those releasing severe past trauma.


What is trauma?

Everyone has experienced some form of trauma in life. Trauma is anything that is overwhelming or shocking to the nervous system and which may have long-lasting effects. Trauma may include chronic pain, emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse, painful life transitions including death and divorce, postpartum depression, drug use, surgery, accidents, injuries, emotional or physical shock, suppressed anger, rage, sadness, and grief. If not addressed, this trauma turns into energetic blocks, which may manifest in the emotional and physical body of the client.


What happens in a typical session?

Intuitive Healing

Sessions begin with a brief discussion about your intention for the session and any specific areas you would like the healing to focus on. Some sessions allow the client to take a more passive role and receive healing or energy work. The energy work is usually performed on a massage table, although this is not massage. The client lies on the table fully clothed except for shoes and I place my hands on the client’s body to connect with their energy. Typically, clients may feel heat from my hands or a tingling sensation in their body, or they may experience a deep relaxation that allows them to fall asleep.

Other sessions require an active collaboration between me and the client. I may use experiential exercises, guided breathwork, visualizations, vocalizations, movement or artistic expression to bring about emotional release and facilitate growth.

Every session is unique to the individual, depending on the specific needs of the client. The discharged energy can relieve suffering, leading to empowerment and increased aliveness.


What are the benefits of Intuitive Healing?

Benefits include:

  • clearing of pain
  • awakening of body, mind and spirit
  • honoring and exploring your true self
  • releasing blocks that sabotage your lifeCore Energetics
  • reduction of stress
  • restoring balance and harmony to the body
  • increasing a sense of groundedness
  • balancing of chakras
  • integrating all aspects of the self
  • exploring the full potential of your life
  • enhancing personal growth and transformation
  • restoring confidence and sense of self
  • gaining emotional freedom
  • removing blocks to prosperity-achieving goals
  • ameliorating depression
  • finding your mission and purpose in life
  • increasing your sense of passion and aliveness


What is the difference between Reiki and the energy work that you do?

Reiki is one form of energy work. At times, I may use techniques similar to those used by a Reiki practitioner, but I also use a vast array of other healing methods ranging from traditional psychotherapeutic techniques, core energetic techniques, hands on moving of energy and releasing of deep emotional blocks, guided imagery, breathwork, vocalizations, sound wave healing, and movement. I use these as well as my intuitive gifts to facilitate a deep and meaningful session that meets the needs of each unique client.


Intuitive Healing

What is Sound Wave Healing?

Sound Healing intentionally applies sound waves to the body using tuning forks both over and directly on the body to promote deep relaxation and integration. It allows the body to experience and tune in to a healthy resonance. Clients may experience decreased feelings of anxiety and stress and increased feelings of calmness, balance and harmony. Everyone agrees that Sound Wave Healing is a truly delicious experience!


Who comes to see you?

Clients who come to see me are often looking for deep healing and personal growth that enable them to take the next steps in their life’s journey.

Aside from general healings, I specialize in:

  • people who have plateaued with traditional therapy
  • creating healthy, fulfilling relationships
  • intimacy
  • the emotional aspects of chronic pain
  • dandelionpainful life transitions including death and divorce
  • anger
  • burnout
  • sleep disturbances including insomnia, snoring, night terrors, and nightmares
  • emotional issues linked to infertility
  • anxiety that expresses itself on a body level such as crohns, colitis, IBS, tightness in the chest, migraines, nervous legs
  • history of emotional, mental, physical and sexual abuse
  • depression
  • finding or redefining your life purpose
  • emotional and physical trauma and shock related to an injury or accident
  • releasing suppressed anger, rage, sadness, and grief
  • body image issues
  • resolving issues related to post traumatic stress disorder
  • personal growth
  • self-esteem and full self acceptance

I also offer clients guidance as they step into their power by connecting with their authentic self through the process of self-exploration and shedding of behaviors and beliefs, which no longer serve their best interests.


butterfliesDo you take insurance?

I am not on any health insurance panels, but I can provide you with a monthly superbill which you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. To find out how much you can expect to be reimbursed, simply call your insurance company and ask what costs they cover for an individual session with an out of network mental health provider.


What type of sessions do you do?

I am available for individual, family, and group sessions.


How do I get in touch with you?

To set up an appointment, ask any questions, or speak with me directly, call me at 310.820.8982.

We are not shattered or broken beings. We are just on a path to rediscovering what wholeness means and feels like. Healing is about feeling our wholeness, about feeling all parts of ourselves. As we begin to embrace all parts of ourselves, even the parts that we think are ugly or dark or negative, we begin to move toward self-acceptance, self-respect and ultimately toward self-love. And in my view, that is the universal human struggle.

–Jessica Gelson, MFT