About Jessica

Jessica GelsonJessica Gelson is a certified Energy Practitioner and Core Energetics Therapist as well as a traditionally trained psychotherapist and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Jessica uses energy work in conjunction with a more traditional therapeutic approach to help clients move blocks and negotiate through areas of their lives where they feel stuck, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied to greater health, personal growth, joy, fulfillment, and aliveness.

I feel blessed in my life that I am able to perform truly sacred work. The healing is profound and I honor the souls who walk into my office and allow me to assist them on their journey. We are here on this Earth to grow and to learn. Part of that human journey is to reconnect to the parts of ourselves that we have cut off from. To reconnect to those dormant or hidden parts of ourselves. This is where our greatest gifts can be found.

–Jessica Gelson, MFT